Children in Wills in Ireland-What You Should Know

If an under-age child (under 18) receives a bequest in a will and there are no trustees, or if a child inherits on intestacy, the legal personal representative (LPR) faces the difficulty that there is nobody in whom he can vest the asset or from whom he may obtain a receipt. (The Age of Majority […]

Spouses’ and Children’s Rights under the Succession Act, 1965

The Succession Act, 1965 protects surviving spouses of deceased persons by affording considerable protection as the Act restricts the right of the testator to leave his/her property to whoever he/she wishes. Spouses’ Rights under the Succession Act, 1965 Section 111 of the Succession Act, 1965 states: 111.—(1) If the testator leaves a spouse and no children, the spouse shall […]

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