10 Tasks That Newly Appointed Executors Ought to Take Care Of

Acting as executor of a loved one’s estate carries with it a huge responsibility. It shouldn’t scare you off from agreeing to be the executor for a friend or loved one-after all, it is a great honour to be trusted sufficiently by a friend or relation. But you do need to know what an executor […]

Second Grants of Representation/De Bonis Non Grants

A de bonis non grant arises where a personal representative has extracted a primary grant of representation but does no fully administer the estate, for example where he/she dies. A de bonis non grant is appropriate where the personal representative is alive when the primary grant issues but subsequently dies; a revocation of a grant will […]

The Role, Duties and Powers of an Executor in the Administration of Estates and Probate

An executor is the person appointed in a will to administer the estate of a deceased person. He/she is entitled to take out a grant of probate to the estate of the deceased. An administrator (administratix if female) extracts a grant in an intestate situation or in a testate situation where the executor has died. […]

Grants of Probate in Ireland-What You Need to Know

This piece will look at what is a grant of probate, who can apply for a grant, what documents are needed for probate, is it always necessary to extract a grand of representation, and more. There are different types of grants of representation possible in Ireland, depending on whether the deceased made a will or […]

What’s a Grant of Administration with Will Annexed and When Do You Need It?

The grant of administration with will annexed is one of many different grants of representation possible in administering the estates of deceased persons. This grant is required where The appointed executor renounces There is no executor appointed in the will The executor appointed does not renounce and refuses to apply for a grant of probate […]

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