How to Make a Will, Probate Law, and Trusts in Ireland

If you are thinking about making a will or have questions about probate law in Ireland you have come to the right place.

On you will find information about

  • How to make a will
  • Probate law and the administration of estates in Ireland
  • Intestacy
  • Why you should make a will
  • Common mistakes in making a will
  • How to create a will trust and
  • The benefits of trusts
  • Spouses’ and children’s rights under the Succession Act, 1965
  • How to extract a grant of probate
  • Capital acquisitions tax
  • And more.

You will also find information about the rights and duties of executors, trustees, and guardians; how to manage the distribution of an estate and deal with claims; and how to deal with benefits and beneficiaries; how and why you might want to set up a trust.

In short, anything to do with trusts, probate law and wills in Ireland.